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Scout's Story - Part 3

As we shared last time, it costs an average of $55 a day to cover all the care and essentials for each dog that comes into the care of GAWS. Much of this goes towards veterinary care – vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, desexing, rehabilitation and more. All animals receive a check-up from the GAWS vets on arrival, so they can treat any urgent medical issues straight away. Money raised in the GAWS Winter Appeal will go towards this vital care so the thousands of animals who come through the shelter each year can look forward to a happier, healthier future.

After his first night in his new pen, Scout had an appointment with the GAWS vets…

"The next day, I was taken into another strange room where a vet checked me out from top to toe.

I heard them say something about warts and problems with my eyes. I must admit it’s been a bit tricky to see properly with this lump on my eye – I keep bumping into things! But the vet told me they’re going to remove it so I’ll be able to see better. They also gave me a needle while I was in there, but I was so brave and didn’t even notice it (the tasty treats helped to distract me). 

Soon it was time for my behaviour assessment, where I got to meet some other dogs and then play with them. It was pretty cool - but I’m not always feeling playful as I’m getting old and prefer my humans. Hopefully I will get to go home with a new mum or dad soon."

Help dogs like Scout get veterinary care

We’re raising money this winter to make sure our vets can keep offering this essential care to all the furry friends who come to GAWS. Donate to the Winter Appeal today and help dogs like Scout!

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22 June 2022
Category: News