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Did you know we also accept donations of used items?

You can donate towels, blankets, scratching posts, animal beds, treats, animal food, leashes, collars and harnesses.

You may also donate unwanted clothing to be sold in the GAWS Op Shop.

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What items can I donate in kind?

In kind donations are essential for the animals at the unfunded shelter.

Here is a list of frequently used items we love:
  • New or in good condition towels and blankets.
  • Items that can be used as enrichment items for the shelter animals – kongs, scratching posts, cat & dog beds, treats and dog coats.
  • Dog and cat food. Please consider brands that provide meat as its first ingredient, any low quality food may upset tummies.
  • New or in good condition leashes, collars and harnesses.
  • Animal beds in good condition.

Please note we do NOT accept the following items at the shelter:

  • Bed sheets
  • Doonas or quilts
  • Pillows or pillow cases
  • Electrical items
  • Recycled meat trays
If you would like to donate, there is a drop off area in reception at GAWS.

325 Portarlington Road, Moolap, 3224

GAWS Op Shop

If you have any unwanted clothing items in good condition, please consider donating them to the GAWS Op Shop.

Please note the Op Shop is unable to accept electrical items. The Op Shop is operated by our volunteers to which they sell quality products. All funds from the GAWS Op Shop supports the unfunded shelter.

63 Vines Road, Herne Hill

Monday to Saturday: 10am – 4pm