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Scout's Story - Part 2

Last financial year, nearly 3800 animals came into the care of GAWS and more than 1000 of them were dogs. Some were there for a week or two, some a bit longer, but all of them would have found their first day in a new place bewildering and overwhelming – just like humans do.

On average, it costs $55 a day to cover all the care and essentials for each dog. That includes food, veterinary care, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, desexing, rehabilitation and more. Multiply that by 1000, and that can really add up.

This month we’re aiming to raise $50,000 in the GAWS Winter Appeal so that all the dogs who arrive at GAWS can have a great first day and a happier, healthier future. Let’s find out how Scout’s first day went…

"After a short car trip, we arrived at a strange building filled with lots of people – and other dogs just like me! 

We go into the reception area and I can hear my aunty talking about me, she’s telling the nice lady that I’m a good boy and she only wants what’s best for me. Everyone here seems really friendly, and they all have big smiles on their faces. 

After my aunty leaves, the nice lady takes me down to a funny-looking area I’ve never seen before. I can’t hear myself think over all the barking! She puts me in a pen which is kind of scary at first, but it has a comfy bed, fresh water and some toys (I LOVE playing ball).  

I have a sniff around and try to settle into my new pad but I’m still feeling nervous because I don’t know where I am or why my aunty has left me here. But the nice lady tells me everything is going to be OK and she will look after me – that makes me feel much better.

Help dogs like Scout settle in

Help dogs like Scout settle in at GAWS by donating to the Winter Appeal today. Your donation will help our furry friends get all the care and essentials they need to feel a little less alone on their first day.

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16 June 2022
Category: News