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Dog Adoptions FAQ

You have made the decision that now is the right time to add a canine friend to the mix and you would like to adopt from GAWS...

All dogs that are available for adoption are found on our website here.

How do I adopt a dog?

You will need to complete our ‘dog adoptions questionnaire’ that can be found here.

After submission, a member of our dog adoptions team will be in touch as quickly as they can, but this may take several days depending on the needs of the dog and the number of applications.

If you are considered to be a suitable home for the dog, a team member will phone you to discuss the dog you have applied for and the home you are able to provide.

After the conversation with our team, if you are still interested and the home you are able to provide is a good fit – you will be invited  to attend a ‘meet & greet’ to spend some time with the dog you have applied for.

This is hosted onsite at our Moolap Facility where you and the members of your family (if applicable) are able to spend time with the dog, to determine if the dog is the right one for you. A member of our dog adoptions team will be there to guide you through the visit, providing you with all the available information and to answer any questions you may have.

If you are unsuccessful, a team member will be in touch with you via email.

But there are only a few dogs listed on your website?

Since COVID-19, we have seen incredibly high adoption rates and therefore do not have many dogs available for adoption at any given time. However, this can change at any moment as new dogs are seeking homes every day and our website is updated to reflect this. We recommend checking the website regularly.

How do I get to meet a dog on your website?

Submitting a ‘dog adoption questionnaire’ does not guarantee that you will get to meet / adopt that particular dog.

If you are assessed as a suitable home for the dog you have applied for, you will be given the opportunity to have a ‘meet & greet’.

If I am offered a meet & greet, do I have to adopt the dog?

There is no obligation to adopt the dog. It is simply a process to meet the dog you are interested in.

Likewise attending a ‘meet and greet’ does not guarantee that the dog will be adopted to you as this is all part of the process to ensure that we find the right home for the right dog.

Can’t I just submit a questionnaire letting you know what type of dog I am after and you call me if one comes in?

Unfortunately, we do not accept questionnaire submissions that do not specify a dog that we currently have for adoption.

Why did I not get to adopt the dog I applied for?

As we hope everyone can appreciate, an animal’s welfare is our top priority. Often when a dog has found itself at GAWS,  it has already encountered uncertainty and change.  We want to ensure that the home the animal goes to is the best suited option. While the home you are offering may be an amazing home, it might just not be the perfect fit for that particular dog.

Why is the dog I have applied for still up / taken down from your website?

Dogs are placed on the website for a minimum 24 hours. We understand that this may seem a very short time but as you can imagine, we are often inundated with applications for some of the more popular dogs. Thus, there is a minimum but NO maximum.

While your application may have been received, and possibly even a ‘meet & greet’ arranged, there is no guarantee that the dog will be the right dog for you. We appreciate your understanding that we need to ensure that these dogs have the best chance of being adopted.

Dogs that require a very specific home will generally stay on the website until adoption, as it is harder to find their perfect forever home.

However, if we have been inundated with applications, the dog will be removed from our ‘available for adoption’ page while we assess all of the questionnaires submitted.