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National Feline Vaccine Shortage

There is currently a national shortage of feline vaccines due to post COVID-19 supply chain challenges. While most shelters and clinics do have some stock on hand, further supplies of vaccines are not expected until early 2024.  

At GAWS, we have a limited supply of vaccines and we are working hard to ensure that cats and kittens in the shelter at greater risk are prioritised.

If your cat has been receiving annual vaccinations and is now due, there is no need to panic. While vaccines do provide immunity for 12 months, this does not mean that their immunity will suddenly stop at the 12 month mark. Your cat’s immunity will remain and delaying vaccination for a further three months is unlikely to pose a risk for your cat.

At this time, our Community Vet Clinic has had to suspend vaccinations for all private clients with cats and kittens until further notice to ensure that we can protect the shelter cats and kittens in care.

How can you protect your cat?

In order to provide the best protection for your cat, we recommend that you keep them indoors at all times to limit any interactions with other cats with an unknown vaccination status. To learn more about the benefits of keeping your cat indoors click here.

It is also important to ensure that your cat is easily identifiable so that they can return home as quickly as possible if lost. If your cat is found and taken to a vet clinic, pound or shelter, they may be at an increased risk of disease exposure. If your cat is microchipped, ensure that your contact details are all up-to-date and consider adding an ID tag to their quick release collar so that they can be reunited with you quickly.

If your cat is not microchipped, contact our Community Vet Clinic on 5248 2091 and we can book them to be microchipped as soon as possible. 

For other ways you can help during this time click here.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. 

What should I do if my kitten required vaccinating?

As per our usual advice, all kittens that have not received their full course of vaccinations should be quarantined indoors until fully vaccinated. With the current vaccine shortage, the most up-to-date advice from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is for vets to consider reducing the series of vaccinations from three to two. Ensure kittens are quarantined indoors until they have received their final vaccination. 

Unfortunately, our clinic is unable to provide kitten vaccinations for private clients until further notice.

What should I do if my adult cat (>6 months) requires their annual vaccination?

If your adult cat is due for their annual vaccination and has previously been regularly vaccinated, they probably have good immunity. It is worth talking to your regular vet about considering delaying their booster until the supply of vaccines normalises. Keeping your cat indoors is also recommended to prevent them from coming into contact with any unvaccinated cats.

Unfortunately, our clinic is unable to provide cat vaccinations for private clients until further notice.

If I adopt a cat or kitten from GAWS will it be vaccinated? 

Yes, any cat or kitten adopted from GAWS at this time will be vaccinated.

20 November 2023
Category: News