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Cat Desexing Special

Half price desexing in September! 


Because your cat deserves to be safe, happy and healthy.

A cat can  reproduce from as young as four (4) months of age and just one female cat and her offspring can produce 5,000 cats in a 7 year period.

For such a small price, you can help our community prevent those 5,000 cats and unwanted litters. Your local wildlife will thank you, your community shelter will thank you and most importantly your cat will thank you.

Be the caring and responsible pet owner that your cat needs you to be and take advantage of our half price desexing special.


Males* $57.50

Females*: $90.00


Bookings made between 1 – 30 September 2021.

To make your booking, call 5248 2091 and press (2) or email vetclinic@gaws.org.au

* Cats & kittens only

02 September 2021
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