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Vet Team

GAWS is extremely fortunate to have a community vet clinic on site. Our highly skilled vets and vet nursing team ensure that every animal’s welfare is the number one priority.

Dr Julia

Head Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Julia joined the GAWS Veterinary Clinic in 2020 as our Head Veterinarian. She has worked previously in many management roles establishing several new veterinary departments for other businesses before arriving with us.

She has a wealth of experience in all animals including currently running her own farm and equine practice for over 15 years.

Julia started her career as a mixed animal Veterinarian and has since worked in many roles such as the public health and communicable disease program. She has a diploma in animal biomechanical medicine (animal chiropractor) and regularly volunteers locally and ov for charitable animal causes currently including Pets in the Park.

Julia’s favourite thing about working at GAWS is knowing that her hard work is contributing towards a fabulous community investment and that all hard effort and business building impact directly into helping fund our shelter. She enjoys the direct hands on aspect of treating and restoring health to the most vulnerable animals that come off the street and finding them good loving homes.

At home, Julia is caring for her 2 children, Jack Russell cross “Pip” and multiple farm animals. In her spare time she enjoys training horses, motorbike riding, and travelling whenever the time allows.

Dr Ruth

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Ruth joined GAWS in June 2013 and has over twelve years’ experience in private practice and animal shelter work including the RSPCA in Victoria.

She is passionate about Shelter Medicine, dog training and the human-animal bond. She shares her life with two human children, and several ‘fur children’ (two Burmese cats, a Dalmatian dog and a friendly goat).

Dr Polly

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Polly recently joined the clinic team after expressing a strong interest in animal welfare and shelter medicine.

Polly has a Bichon cross Poodle named Bertie who loves to run at the beach. After studying in Melbourne and working at multiple vet practices throughout the years both in Australia and in the UK, Polly brings a wealth of experience to our clinic.

Polly is passionate about small animal health and dermatology. In her spare time, she loves relaxing at the beach and spending time with her family!

Dr Simon

Veterinarian (BVSc)


Veterinary Nurse

Felicity joined the GAWS Vet Clinic team when the clinic first opened. Felicity has a strong interest in surgical procedures and is always bringing us the next interesting case.

Felicitys own house is practically an animal shelter with two dogs, two cats, one pig, three sheep and about twenty or so chickens and ducks. She has even brought her pigs into the clinic to desex!

Felicity is always up for chat and ready to offer advice on all your animal needs! Felicity enjoys exercising and spending time at her farm.


Veterinary Nurse

Jess was a Gordon trainee nurses who was hired at GAWS after displaying a great deal of hard work and passion for animal welfare.

Jess’s key interest lies with the animals at the clinic and she loves treating different medical cases and expanding her knowledge. Jess is a very dedicated nurse who enjoys the sometimes long hours involved with nursing sick animal back to perfect health.

Jess is also busy outside of GAWS with her Bengal cat Django and her horse Bob. Jess recently adopted a puppy from GAWS named Louie, she performed a DNA test and found he is the following breeds - Golden Retriver, Labrador, Border Collie, Kelpie and Maltese!


Veterinary Nurse

Marnie started volunteering with GAWS for several years before completing her Veterinary Nursing course and becoming an employee. Marnie is currently the supervisor of our Cattery Department and also works in our Community Vet Clinic.

Marnie has a keen interest in medicinal nursing and enjoys working in animal welfare. She is an expert in foster caring pregnant mother dogs and cats and enjoys raising puppies and kittens until they are ready for their forever homes.

Numbers are unimportant, but Marnie has a few resident dogs and cats that help her foster animals through the process.