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Temporary Changes to Adoption Service 

With the current COVID-19 global pandemic we are all faced with challenging times ahead. With the situation changing daily, we are assessing and responding these changes, because the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, foster carers, clients community and the animals in our care are our top priority. 

While we remain open for business, a new appointment based adoption model has been introduced to assist with managing the health & safety of our staff, volunteers and customers.

PLEASE NOTE: With additional restrictions currently in place for metropolitan Melbourne residents, we strongly recommend that you visit https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au before submitting an adoption questionnaire. 

If you are interested in adopting a new family member, please download a copy of the Cat Adoption Questionnaire, complete and return this via email to catadoptions@gaws.org.au . One of our friendly staff members will be in touch to make an appointment. 

All cats are checked over by a vet, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and given any treatments they may need. Our shelter team are experts at supporting you to make the right choice for your lifestyle. 

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DAB-45, CoGG

Cat adoption prices

Kitten (any cat under 6 months) - $200

Kitten special breed (e.g. Siamese, Burmese, Ragdoll) - $300

Adult cat (6 months+) - $100

Adult cat special breed (e.g. Siamese, Burmese, Ragdoll) - $200

Senior (any cat over 7 years old) - $50

Long term adult resident  (100+ days) - $25 (Excludes kittens < 6 months of age and special breeds. Limited time only) 

Download cat adoption questionnaire

Please note: If you are interested in adopting a kitten, we currently have a waiting list. Your questionnaire will continue to be reviewed and you will be contacted as soon as we have a kitten available that may suit your lifestyle.