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Surrender Your Pet

The decision to give up your pet is a very emotional one.

We understand that circumstances change and you may no longer be able to provide the care your pet needs. Before you make this big decision consider the following.

  • Ask your friends and relatives if they can help to foster or adopt the animal.
  • If the change to your circumstances is not permanent, could the animal go to a boarding facility?
  • Talking to one of our friendly staff for advice.

If you decide to proceed, please call our reception on (03) 5248 2091 to make an appointment with one of our staff members.

Requesting and filling in the Surrender Animal Profile Form prior to your appointment saves time and allows you to record all relevant information about your pet. The details you provide in this form will assist us to make the best future decisions for your pet. If available, please also bring along your animals vaccination history records.

UPDATE from May 2023:

Cats: GAWS is currently at capacity and unable to take in any more surrendered cats at this stage. Urgent cases will be assessed. We are able to offer help to cat owners and their cats who are in need in the meantime - please contact GAWS for further information. 

Dogs: GAWS is currently at capacity and unable to take in any new surrendered dogs at this stage. We also request that any dogs entering the shelter are up to date with their c5 vaccinations and we can only accept dogs from the four Geelong shires we service (City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast, Golden Plains and Borough of Queenscliff). If the above criteria applies, we ask that you contact the shelter on 5248 2091 to be placed on the wait list. Only complete the surrender form if you have been allocated an appointment to surrender. 

Please note: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept the surrender of any roosters to our Moolap facility at the time.