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Leaving a gift to GAWS in your Will is your way of making a real difference to the lives of animals entering our care each year. Leave a long lasting legacy by helping GAWS give animals a second chance.

Our shelter cares for more than 2,200 animals each year - providing refuge to animals in need. Our shelter service receives no government funding, so we rely on generous people from the community to continue our critical work.

Download our brochure or contact us on 03 5248 2091 to learn more.


Bequest Animal Program

What would happen to your pet if you could no longer care for it?

The GAWS Bequest Animal Program provides you with peace of mind and the best care for your animal.

How does it work?

Should you no longer be able to care for your pet, GAWS becomes the legal guardian and assumes all responsibility for the care and wellbeing of your pet for the remainder of its life.

Your pet will be resettled in a carefully selected suitable permanent foster home with an approved carer, who will provide a loving environment and all the necessary care. We will continue to monitor the care of your pet through regular contact with the permanent carer and annual visits.

Your pet legacy will cover all veterinary treatment for the remainder of your pet’s life.

How do I register?

Registration for the program involves completing a registration form and confirming a minimum bequest of $5000* per animal in your Will to GAWS.

The registration form lists all the information GAWS needs to find the right forever home for your pet. 

Download the brochure and registration form today or contact GAWS on 03 5248 2091.

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