Greyhound adoption day

We have partnered up with PETstock Waurn Ponds to hold a greyhound adoption day. With the amount of greyhounds received into the shelter raising awareness that greyhounds are great pets and should be considered for more for adoption.

It's also a great way to raise community awareness of GAWS. Two dedicated volunteers have put up their hands to take the dogs once a month to PETstock. “It's been great to talk to all the people that come to see the greyhounds and educate them on what GAWS does....

More on greyhounds...

We have had an initial meeting with one of the coordinators of the gap program (greyhound adoption program) where we discussed sending our Greyhounds to gap and in return receiving greyhounds that have passed the gap program.

This will increase adoptions of greyhounds in our shelter because they will not need to wear a muzzle.

Dog numbers

For the last six months our dogs in care number has been a steady 50 - 55. The reclaims have been high at around 3 reclaims for every 5 dogs received. The average length of stay for most of the dogs is around 10 days. During their stay they get to attend social club everyday where they learn better dog skills and manners to prepare them for adoption. They get bathed and spruced up by either our volunteer or lately we have had the lovely groomers donating their time from PETstock to give the fluffies neater hairstyles.

In the afternoon the dogs are taken out for their behaviour assessment where they experience more exposure to social situations. The dog staff and volunteers spend a lot of time with the dogs in the shelter. It's all great for their enrichment and it also prepares them for situations they may not be familiar with in their new family, like meeting strangers or going to the park and being around a pack of dogs. By the end of the day all the dogs are pretty tired.

Volunteer levels

Recently the dog section has introduced levels for volunteers who wish improve their skills when working with the dogs. Passing certain levels will enable volunteers to work in certain parts of the yard or run a social club session.