’Hi GAWS, I am pleased to report that Mumma Sammy (now called Penny) is doing well!

Since we adopted her she has really come out of her shell and is now a total lap cat, and loves a good back and chin scratch. 

After realising that Penny was quite confident around dogs, we decided to expand our family and got a Border Collie puppy and called him Monty. I am happy to say that Penny and Monty are now two peas in a pod and absolutely love playing together. Penny rules the roost and has no problem putting Monty in his place when he needs it. I think the fact that Penny has had kittens prior to us adopting her has made her a very tolerant young cat, and also very affectionate and maternal with Monty.

Thank you again to everyone at GAWS for all the great work you do!

Kind regards


‘’Hi Guys, I recently adopted little Henry and just wanted to send you a picture and let you know he is going great!

He is loving life, and loves playing with all of his new toys and getting lots of cuddles!

Thank you so much for taking such great care of him before I got to take him home. He will be loved forever!!

Thanks, Kelly’’