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Purr It Forward

Purr It Forward

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This October we are asking you to purr it forward and help out our furry friends in the shelter.

Over the years we have loved watching our precious felines find their furrever homes, living wonderful and happy lives with their new families. Now it’s our GAWS Graduates turn to purr it forward and help provide care for their friends residing in the shelter waiting to be adopted.

On average, it costs around $30 per day to support one cat in the shelter and cover the cost of essentials such as food, veterinary care, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, possible foster care stay and the list goes on and on! This can easily add up to over $900 per month and varies greatly for each resident depending on their length of stay in the shelter.

Leo is waiting!

Take Leo for example, he has been at the shelter for over 300 days, and is patiently waiting to be adopted. By purring it forward and starting your own fundraising page, you can ensure Leo gets everything he needs while in care with the hope that he will soon be adopted.

How can I Purr it Forward?

  • Make a donation
  • Set up a fundraising page for your cat, dog or other pet
  • Ask your friends (both human and four-legged) to donate to your page
  • Spread the word on social media

If you have a social media #catfluencer we’re calling on you to spread the word using hashtag #purritforward during the month of October. Dogs can get involved too! Whether you have dogs, cats or both - we know there are plenty of pets out there that would love to help their feline friends! Set up a fundraising page for your pet and lend a paw (or four) to a cat in need!

Thanks to our supporters